Pre-paid Rides (from 3 months)

You will receive a different wave of 10 seasonal, special and one-off Dutch craft beer at the beginning of each month for 3, 6 or 12 months. Choose your adventure! The perfect gift that keeps on giving.


We like to keep it fresh: the same beer never returns, and you keep discovering new beers and microbreweries. No repeats, and we promise no fillers. We research and taste the beers before we buy them for you to ensure they are quality finds.



+ You're guaranteed a box every month. Never worry about a Wave being sold out

+ You pay less 🎉 Normally it costs €40 + €6 shipping = €46 per monthly Wave at full value

+ We work closely with breweries to get you freshly bottled/canned beers whenever possible so you can taste them at their best, like the brewers intended. The freshest was one that went right off the canning line into our box, no time even for labels!


Pro tip: Enjoy greater savings with our 6- or 12-month pre-paid rides.


Going on a vacation? No problem, just write to to change the date or pause delivery.


Pre-paid Rides (from 3 months)

165,00€ Regular Price
150,00€Sale Price
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    €50 p.m.

    €15 (10%)






    €49 p.m.

    €36 (12%)






    €47 p.m.

    €96 (17%)


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